We finished the deal!!

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!
Oh boy....

it's turned into a game now. 34-17, but we're holding on.

Keeping my fingers crossed. (I really can't afford a heart attack!)
It's halftime...

and I couldn't resist popping online real quick and shouting out in my loudest voice,


My favorite line of commentary so far this game has been this one...

"This has been just an old-fashioned, country butt-whipping. And Georgia has provided the butt."

It's 31-0 at halftime!


Some Cool News...

I'm the new contributor at Alabama Gameday, a really awesome blog on everything Bama-related. The site's administrator, Tony, is a great guy and I was thrilled when he asked me to partner up with him to write for the blog.

He introduced me today and I will start writing and posting there soon on a regular basis.

Tide Chick will still be up-and-running. I will use this post to write about random Bama news and items; and, of course, I will use it to post pictures from games and other cool, personal things like that.

But visit Alabama Gameday to regularly read my more "formal" insights into Alabama football.

And oh yeah....

there is a game this weekend.

Alabama vs. Georgia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am pumped up and ready!

(And how about that Southern Cal/Oregon State game earlier tonight? USC's defeat opens up all sorts of possibilities for the national championship race. It's all very exciting!!)

Come back tomorrow for my game picks for the weekend!


It's Tuesday afternoon...

which really is a perfect time for another random Bama-related post (if your Tuesdays are anything like mine...slow and easy and full of chores and other "have-to- get-it-done"s).

So, I really couldn't pass this little gem up:

Texas Tech's Mike Leach is more of a Renaissance Man than we realized! We knew he loves to talk about history, and loves anything related to piracy ("aargh!"), but did you realize that he also has no qualms in handing out dating advice? On his recent call-in show, Leach answered some dating questions from a caller and did it with dead-pan seriousness (one of his suggestions was to take a girl to a coffee shop, because you can spend time talking about the "odd characters who come and go").

At Espn.com, one of my favorite sportswriters (Pat Forde) took this little gem and opined on what sort of dating advice coaches would hand out to their players.

His take on Nick Saban is priceless...
"Tell her you're too busy breaking down Tennessee's third-and-long offensive tendencies to go on some stupid date. Where is your commitment, son? Who gave you permission to have a life? Drop and give me 20."

Gave me a good little chuckle this afternoon. Perhaps it's not what an 18-year-old would seriously want to hear in regards to the ladies, but when it comes to getting ready to play #3 Georgia...it's nice to think that your football players are committed, and focused, and ready to roll!!!!!!
Seeing a sentence like this in print...

"The SEC has four BCS national championship contenders: No. 3 Georgia, No. 4 Florida, No. 5 LSU and No. 8 Alabama."

just makes me happy.

(By the way: This is from a really good article in today's online ESPN. Read it HERE.)

I'm already anticipating this week's match-up with Georgia. The lights will be on, Gameday will be in town, the Georgia team and fans will be in black, and I think the Tide will be ready!


My Picks

Let's just get started with the "Big" game in my book, and then proceed to the other highlight games of the weekend.

Alabama vs. Arkansas

This one always makes me a little nervous, since the teams always seem to play it down-to-the-wire. Bama's leading the nation in defense against the rush, but Arkansas' quarterback has been on-fire in his passing yards and percentage, so we've got to be tough against the pass as well. I think the key will be Bama having some long, sustained drives (good power rushing from Mark Ingram, anyone?) to keep Arkanasas off the field. I feel like we are the better team by quite a bit (I think we actually have the talent to win by three or four touchdowns), but you never know with an SEC game on the road. I'm going to ignore my nervous feelings a bit and trust that Coach Saban has the team ready and moving along on "the process."

Alabama 24-14

Other games going on...

Auburn vs. LSU

Oh, what a quandary we have. Should I cheer for Auburn or LSU (I'm not a crazy Bama fan who always cheers against Auburn; I usually pick whatever will increase our chances to win the West)? And should I pick Auburn or LSU? They're both hard to figure out. Their defenses are awesome (although LSU hasn't really played any sort of competition yet), and their offenses are struggling. This game is always a low-scoring, defensive battle; and I'm going to predict something similar. I think Auburn wins a close win, aided by the home field advantage (although nothing will surprise me).

Auburn 13-10

Ole Miss vs. Vandy

I actually think this might be the most interesting game of the SEC matchups this week. Both teams have promise (Vandy is 3-0!) and have played well so far. Ole Miss may have the league's most entertaining quarterback and Vandy's defense is playing lights-out. I'm actually cheering for both of them to become bowl-eligible this year (only makes the SEC look better). I'm picking the Rebels in a buzzer-beater.

Ole Miss 23-20

Florida vs. Tennessee

Could get messy quick (with Florida destroying Tennessee). Or it could get surprising quick (with Tennessee pulling something out of its hat and catching us all off-guard). You never know in Neyland Stadium. I still think Florida wins, on the strength of Tebow and Harvin.

Florida 35-17

Georgia vs. Arizona State

This game has lost some of its luster after ASU decided to choke against UNLV last weekend. But still, it will be a good one to gauge the strength of Georgia; they looked uninspired against South Carolina, plus it's a long road trip out west. Still, Georgia prevails (in one closer than expected).

Georgia 28-24

And some other picks for reasons that I will reveal to you...

Texas vs. Rice

My family (especially brother and father) have burnt orange in their veins, and they are officially my "second favorite college team." Texas still hasn't convinced me yet of their rankings (similar, actually, to how I feel about Alabama) and I'm ready to see them play some tough Big 12 competition. But, Rice (even though a good C-USA opponent) shouldn't be much work for the Horns.

Texas 41-17

Notre Dame vs. Michigan State

I will have to apologize ahead of time for this one, but my daughter Delaney is a big Notre Dame fan for some odd reason (last week at the Bama game, she was honestly searching the score scroll for a ND update). I enjoy tormenting her when they lose, but I let her bask a little bit in the win last week against Michigan. Not so much this week, though.

Michigan State 28-14

Purdue vs. Central Michigan

For reasons that only bloggers will understand, I have become a Purdue Boilermakers fan. All because I have become friends with a fellow blogger who is a former Purdue cheerleader and an avid fan worthy of my respect (he seems as "crazed" about his team as I am for Bama!). And, because of Phats, I now find myself cheering for Purdue whenever I can find them on tv. Purdue had a heartbreaker of a lost last week in double overtime, and think that this week's game will give them a much-deserved win.

Purdue 31-20

Any other games you guys are especially interested in this week? (It's sort of a strange week, since neither the country's #1 or #2 are playing, so most eyes will be on the SEC.) Any different takes on my picks?